About Brigadoon Vacation Rentals

Here at Brigadoon Vacation Rentals we understand what makes a vacation home right for our guests. We make it our business to find vacation rentals that provide variety in style, amenities and location so we can ensure that our guest's vacation is a success no matter which property they decide to stay in.

We know what it takes to run a successful vacation rental management company and to optimize our owners' income. We provide:

  • Reservation management and marketing on the major platforms and our website
  • A dynamic pricing model that will optimize your income
  • Sourcing and coordination of cleaning and repair contractors
  • Regular inspections to ensure upkeep of property
  • Stocking of consumables and other items as needed
  • Accounting services including monthly payouts and statements and end-of-year 1099s and yearly statements

We are eager to make this investment of yours the best ever! Please call us at 360-683-2255, to discuss your home's vacation rental potential. Or complete this form, and we will be in contact.

Meet the Team!


Kathryn MacGeraghty


Kathryn is the President and Designated Broker of Blue Sage/Brigadoon. Founder of Blue Sage Property Management, Inc, circa 2001. Specializing in leasing and management of "nice" homes and 5 star vacation rentals. She lives in the Sequim countryside with husband and various critters. We moved to the Olympic Peninsula from Colorado because of the temperate weather and natural beauty.


Sarah Moculeski

VP Treasurer, Accountant

Sarah has been doing the financials here for several years. She attended Colorado State University and earned a BS degree in Accounting, after receiving a BS degree in Wildlife Biology. Prior to joining Brigadoon, she worked on commercial fishing boats as an observer. She lives in Sequim with her young son, Henrik.

Juan Owens


Juan's previous positions were in customer service, so he started with us as a Reservationist. His passion for photography resulted in deep knowledge of both taking photos and post-processing. He is building a portfolio of vacation rentals with Alicia near his home. He lives in Mazatlan with his wife, dogs and children. He also composes and plays music with his award winning band.


Julie Borden

Vacation Rental Manager

Julie makes sure the cleaners are on their toes, and our houses are well-stocked. She came to Brigadoon after a career at Capital One as a Senior Customer Relations Coordinator. She earned a BA in Psychology and a law degree at Seattle University School of Law. She lives in Sequim with her cat.

Alicia Escudero


Alicia sold properties in Mazatlan for many years, plus has a background in customer service. She has learned marketing from the ground up while with us. She is building a portfolio of vacation rentals with Juan near her home. She lives in Mazatlan with her husband and her dog, Tina.